Our Philosophy

Years of experience has taught Gordon:

  • He still makes mistakes.
  • There is no such thing as an exact price.
  • The houses in these suburbs vary dramatically as do the needs of buyers and often patience is needed to find the right buyer.
  • If your house sells for a higher price than the appraised price it usually means your agent couldn’t assess the true value.
  • Quick sales are usually under value.
  • Agents who sell the most and the quickest usually aren’t working for the sellers who pays them.
  • Flowery exaggerated descriptions only lead to potential buyers being disappointed.
  •  Most photos of agents are at best 20 years ago.
  • Don’t be sucked in to spend on huge marketing programmes which usually just promote its agent not your home.
  • Don’t succumb to pressure that someone else is making an offer. If you are told this then write a clause on your offer that if you win the agent has to produce the other offer and contact number of the other party and if after checking you find there is no offer then your offer lapses immediately.

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