Gordon Davies

    Gordon started selling real estate in 1965 while also working as a school teacher. He quickly developed a passion for the industry and realising he had a talent for it stopped teaching to focus solely on real estate.

    Gordon’s no fuss approach, honesty and sense of fairness have not only gained him respect over the years as one of Perth’s top real estate agents but have also earned him his enviable sales record. His patience and persistence with negotiations and placing the needs of his clients above all, sets him apart from others in the field.  With nearly 50 years of experience selling real estate in the Western Suburbs, particularly Dalkeith, Gordon’s experience and knowledge of the area is unparalleled.

    Gordon’s generosity to the community not only through sponsorship but also through active participation has made him a well-known figure in and around Dalkeith. He maintains an incredibly strong work ethic and continues to work seven days a week but rarely misses his regular tennis matches at the Nedlands Tennis club.

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