About Gordon Davies

Gordon embarked on his professional journey as an educator, beginning at Gnowangerup Junior High from 1958 to 1960, followed by a tenure at Dalkeith Primary School from 1961 to 1964. His interest in real estate sparked during this period, leading to aspirations of establishing his own company. However, due to employment restrictions, Gordon sought a balance between teaching and his burgeoning real estate ambitions.

His trajectory shifted when an Accountancy Master position opened at Christ Church Grammar School. Approaching the headmaster, Peter Moyes, Gordon secured employment, provided his real estate pursuits didn't conflict with teaching. Thirteen years later, he transitioned to real estate full time.

Gordon commenced his real estate career in the Western Suburbs in 1965, forming Eivers, Dyson & Partners and driven by a profound affinity for the area. He champions the Western Suburbs for its convenience, encompassing a plethora of facilities such as the Swan River, proximity to beaches, UWA, major hospitals, prestigious schools, yacht and sporting clubs. Embraced by lush greenery, the area boasts garden-like suburbs with abundant trees, parks, and ovals, benefitting from the moderating influence of both river and ocean breezes.

With over 60 years of experience, Gordon discerns that the area's primary allure lies in its commitment to children's education. His passion for selling property in Dalkeith, Nedlands, and Claremont stems from his unwavering belief in the paramount importance of tailoring the right real estate for his clients on an individual basis. He considers it essential to allow buyers and sellers to make their own decisions in their own time with no pressure from him.

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Client Testimonials

"I have dealt with Gordon over the years and have found him to be a highly skilled negotiator and facilitator..."

Seller of house in Dalkeith, WA

Client Testimonials

"Gordon helped us immensely when we had a huge number of problems with settlement on selling our old..."

Seller of house in Nedlands, WA

Client Testimonials

"Gordon, was lovely. Very relaxed, and upfront, which was refreshing in a sales market where agents are..."

Buyer of house in Nedlands, WA

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